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Tailored Counselling Services for Your Individual Needs

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About Jana

My interest in people and their stories has developed through my experience with theatre performance. It was my personal fascination with the uniqueness of individual perception and self-expression that ultimately lead me to counselling.


I am a compassionate therapist who works in integrative ways to meet your individual needs and goals. I offer a safe and non-judgmental space for you to explore your thoughts and emotions, and our goal is to help you achieve greater self-awareness and mental well-being .

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How I work

Learn more about my approach to therapy.


My focus


Anxiety can be debilitating and overwhelming, but it doesn't have to control your life. Anxiety is typically a reaction to a perceived lack of safety. We worry = we anticipate threat, in an attempt to prepare for potential danger.

Most commonly, the threat is not real, but we get caught in the anxious spiral, regardless. By assessing your current triggers and underlying causes, together, we can tackle your anxiety from its root.


Depression can make it difficult to find joy and meaning in life, but it doesn't have to be a part of your life. Depression is how your body responds to defeat. Many people endure defeat for years, unaware of its causes. To my understanding, depression is not a condition. Rather, it is a reaction to one's circumstances and/or past experience. I hear clients unfairly describe themselves as lazy and unmotivated and many feel like a failure. 


Trauma is practically an inseparable part of lived experience. Most of us experience some degree of trauma throughout our lives, but in some cases, trauma can overtake the nervous system entirely. It leaves people feeling disconnected, broken or, conversely, running on stress energy. Feelings of shame, worthlessness, and hopelessness follow. The good news is trauma can be healed and nervous system regulation re-established.

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy can be a powerful tool for improving communication and deepening your connection with your partner.  I work with couples at all stages of their relationship, from early conflicts to support through separation and divorce.

I work integratively using a structured approach, focusing on the couples' dynamic and conflict navigation. 

Stress and burnout

Chronic stress is a way our body communicates sustained pressure put on our system. This pressure typically manifests as physical exhaustion, moodiness, fogginess and feeling hopeless and loss of meaning. Our body tells us we have fallen out of our natural rhythm and it invites us to pause.

When we pause and reflect, we can re-evaluate our choices and actions. Giving yourself a break is usually the start of weaving your way back into the flow. 

High sensitivity

I understand firsthand the unique challenges faced by those who are highly sensitive. Overstimulation, emotional reactivity and overwhelm are most common. Being perceptive is wonderful, but unfortunately, people often misunderstand this trait and mislabel those who possess it. E. Aron calls it “for better, for worse”. Highly sensitive people often develop a low sense of worth, and avoidant, self-isolating strategies. Allow me to support you in reclaiming your unique gifts and thriving despite your challenges. 

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