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Image by Dana Ward

My Approach

All life is a pattern. 


There is a cause for everything we experience. A myriad of factors are usually in play, but often it comes down to us. "There is something wrong with me, right?? I don't quite know what it is!" I hear this from my clients often.


Somewhere on our journey, our organic growth becomes disrupted by expectations, "should and must" demands from our "neighbourhood" (parents, teachers, peers media..).

We internalise this external voice, which becomes a part of us. It becomes our guide and our self gets dragged along. Years go by and we become progressively lost, confused, and disconnected. Many of us get caught up in dysfunctional or even destructive patterns, stemming from deep self-rejection and hurt. These patterns don't serve us in the long run, but what options do we have?

You have what it takes to be well.

Deep down, the tools we need are there. They are buried under layers of conditioning, beliefs, and opinions of others. Through the therapeutic process, we can dig them up. By working collaboratively, in alliance, we can facilitate greater self-acceptance and compassion for what happened to you.

I will guide you to reclaim and trust your inner resources. This will be done safely and at your own pace. 


Everyone is unique.

Although my work is grounded in person-centred theory, I draw from various therapeutic approaches to meet your needs. I typically attend to different "parts" of the self that are often in conflict with each other. To uncover the heart of the matter, I take a holistic approach, examining current triggers and underlying patterns.


I don't believe there is a one-size-fits-all approach. I commonly work with Compassion-Focused, Internal Family Systems, Schema therapy and Mindfulness-based therapeutic approaches. However, I am always reading and learning new things to update my knowledge and skills repertoire.

Hold tight.

This process might not be an easy one, but with intention and commitment, you can go a long way. It is not a quick fix. I won't even attempt to fix you or your problems because I don't believe there is anything to fix. I will accompany you to the dark, deep forest and guide you through it. At the end, you will be holding the torch.

My promise to you is I will listen openly, actively and compassionately and be present in this collaborative process to the best of my capacity in the given moment. I will be congruent and truthful in my reflections, offered to you. 

Are you ready? Unsure? Have you got questions?

You are welcome to drop me an email to discuss before booking your session online.

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